Welcome to my website.

My name is Hanna. I'm qualified Career Coach.

I am a happy wife and mother of two wonderful girls. I am naturally optimistic and love to inspire people.

When you visit my website and discover my passion for coaching and how it has helped me in my personal life I am confident that you will get inspired and start to look at your life from a brighter perspective. Working as a coach, helping people and empowering them to change their life gives me incredible satisfaction and happiness.

My passion is psychology, positive psychology, which I use and follow on a daily basis. You will be amazed how positive psychology can change your life. For example I enjoy cooking without recipes. Strange isnt it and you may ask why? I find it stimulating and thought provoking and it helps me to create inspiring ideas about coaching. Coaching can influence your life in a positive manner and turn it into something which has a purpose. It brings fulfilment and happiness to be yourself.

For rest and relaxation I love to walk Salthill promenade and enjoy ocean views, dance, meditate at home or spend time with family and friends. Everyone can find their own way to enjoy life and I am here to help you on this journey. I will support and guide you on how to achieve a wonderful way of understanding yourself with kindness and compassion. I really appreciate the time you have spent browsing this page. I hope you enjoyed reading about coaching and where I get my inspirations from.

Follow my blog, where I will be sharing tips and inspirations on how to change your life into something you have always wanted.

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I will guide and help you on your journey to discover the best way to resolve your problems and develop a better life for you.








What is coaching?

Let me share my vision of coaching based on personal experience.

Coaching is a means of self discovery, encouragement and inspiration. It's a way of gaining awareness about choices which are important in our lives giving us the courage to embrace opportunities and maximise our own potential.

We always have choices and want to make informed decisions about ourselves and the lives we live. Coaching helps us achieve what we really want, focusing on our strengths and helping to create possibilities which will enrich our lives.

Coaching does not teach us but makes us think. It facilitates change and helps us realize our potential through looking for the best in people even when they do not realise it themselves.

Coaching inspires us to live fully and with passion.


How Coaching can help you

Self confidence.

Is your daily life surrounded by the same people, places and responsibilities? You aspire to change it but don´t know how.

I will empower you with skills to help you open your mind, design the life you want and build your self-confidence offering you support and encouragement along the way.


Achieving Goals - Motivation

Are you saying NO to your own plans? Do you get frustrated and lack progress in your life? I have lots of ideas and suggestions which will give you greater clarity and get you back on track. Trust me it works as I have experienced this myself.


Emotions and Work stress.

It is not easy to keep our emotions consistently calm as we struggle with daily situations but it is easy to learn how to manage these emotions and deal with stress. Together we can achieve this through creating greater focus and awareness.


Relationship and communications.

Living together with people we face different situations daily. Communication is vital. I can show you effective communication techniques to help eliminate stressful situations and improve your relationships.


Changing Habits.

Do you have imperfections and faults that you would like to control? Sometimes these are unavoidable but together we can learn to understand how they affect us. I am ready to help you change.


Time Management.

Today´s world moves at a very fast pace for most people. We struggle to have time for everything. Working with you I can show you that if you stop for a minute, look around and start enjoying the little things in life you will build your self-confidence and find hidden talents within yourself which you can develop and nurture.








Career Coaching

If you want to find your real career path

If you meet a career related challenges

If you need to change your work

If you need to empower yourself and increase your self-confident


Explore Options for Career Choice

Support informed decisions

Highlight areas that need attention before facing the market place

Increase awareness and confidence in moving forward

Reality check

Speed up the process by having clear directions

Getting clarity to know what you want

Structure to stay on track and reach goals

Small Business Coaching

If you want to start your business

If you want to grow your business


Helping you to get clarity and empowering you to set-up a business

Helping develop long-term and short term goals and strategies

 Improving your business in different areas

Helping you to work more efficiently and make more profit


You can choose the most suitable form of coaching for you:

Email coaching on-line 24 h

Skype coaching on-line from 9 am to 9 pm

One to One session within Galway City, Co. Galway, Athlone






Hanna Walter is my Life and Business Coach. She is very professional and she is always very well prepared for the sessions and she always does her best to find a solution to every problem. She is very kind, organized and she has a warm personality. She helped me both in my private life and in my business. She noticed problems which blocked me toward achieving my goals and she helped me to eliminate them.

I noticed that after a few sessions I became a different person and my dreams are slowly becoming a reality. I recommend Hanna as a Coach because she knows this profession very well and I see that this job is her passion.

Modern Style Home/ Wojtek Business Owner

Changing careers is a very difficult decision and is often associated with high financial risk. Therefore, take advantage of the expertise of a career coach to be able to re- look at your abilities and desires for a new dream job. With solidly prepared and targeted cv, motivated, confident in our abilities and purpose, we can only achieve success.

I would recommend the service of Inspiring Coaching Hanna Walter

Monika Jagla